#3 Ways to Increase Google AdSense CPC rate?

#3 Ways to Increase Google AdSense CPC rate: Hello, Everyone Today am going to sharing some exciting facts on The “#3 Ways to Increase Google AdSense CPC rate

#1 Keyword Targeting:

Your site has to be a niche web blogging site where you’re very serious about a particular keyword’s targeting.

Your keyword will decide what kind of advertisements will run on your own blog. In case the keyword you’re using on your website isn’t specified then definitely, you’re not going to entice any fantastic advertiser through Google Adsense.

And that is the reason it’s extremely important to target the right advertiser by your keyword. Advertisers are more willing to pay whether the audience on your blog is market in the class.

So attempt to maintain the right density of keywords on your site because Google Adsense will display advertisements in your website on the basis of your keyword density and the kind of audiences that it is attracting.

#2 Traffic Sources:

It’s very important to look later, from where are you getting visitors to your site.

Traffic sources are one of the key elements in Google AdSense revenue. If you’re receiving a lot of traffic from this kind of sources that aren’t really that legitimate, won’t let you make a fantastic quantity of cash out of Google AdSense.

Google certainly look for the traffic sources of your blog and after that decide the money that it needs to pay you.

So it certainly implies that if you are having a fantastic quantity of visitors on your site from valid sources will give you more money than every other bad source.

The best revenge that you can make from Google AdSense is through its own stage Google search’.

In case your sites are ranking on Google internet search engine results page and the visitors you’re getting from Google search, then for each click definitely the CPC will go.

The Other good sources of visitors are social network particularly Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit etc.

#3 Ads Positions:

Ads position on your site is another big factor that will make you earn more money.

That first ad that’s located at the very top position of your blog is really paying more CPCs than the other advertisements in a different place to your own blog.

So try to emphasize your top advertisements on your site to make it more visible. It’s since the more the click that top ad will get will make you get over other advertisements on various positions.

But ensure you’re not violating any Google Adsense policies while emphasizing any of your advertisements.

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