5 Common Sex Injuries You Should Know About

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Sex is great, sure! But not all the time. There are some occasional issues involved which might affect your sexual experience every now and then. An injury or an awkward slip-up might cost much more than abstaining from sex for a few days.

How to get rid of 5 Common Sex Injuries

Knowing about sex injuries is extremely important as it helps you be prepared when an unwanted situation occurs. Read more to find out some of the most common sex injuries and how to cure/get rid of them effectively:

Back injuries

Back injuries are quite common during sex. Amidst the thrill of trying out different positions, you might sometimes go too far and end up being severely injured. You can treat inflammations and sprains with the help of ice packs. Once the inflammation reduces, you can apply a heating pad to soothe your muscles.

Vaginal Tearing

Vaginal tearing is one of the most common kinds of sex injuries. This happens when women bleed after sexual intercourse, or when having sex hurts beyond pleasure. This usually happens because women are too dry down there. Hence, lubrication is the first thing to be kept in mind when having sex. If tearing happens despite lubrication, you should get medical help. Most vaginal tears heal easily but others may require antibiotics to heal.

Yeast infections and urinary tract infections

Yeast infections can happen because of being unhygienic or having oral sex, or having intercourse when the guy has saliva on his penis. Maintaining your hygiene during sex is the best way to prevent yeast infections.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are other side effects of not maintaining proper hygiene while having sex. UTIs can also happen because of vaginal dryness. Lubrication, thus, is the key to good/injury-free sex. Also, try to pee before having sex. This helps in prevention of UTI-causing bacteria sticking around the walls of the vagina. Also, you can take cranberry extract regularly as it helps in keeping bacteria away from vaginal walls.

When something gets stuck up in the vagina

There are chances when a condom or even a tampon can get stuck up in the vagina. Bizarre as it may sound, these things can always happen, to anyone. You can get these things out of your vagina after waiting for almost half an hour after sexual intercourse. You can get them out with the help of your fingers. In case you are unable to, visit a doctor immediately.

Carpet burns

On times when you go adventurous and refuse to do it in the bed, this sex injury can be a common occurrence. Carpet burns take place because of the friction on the floor or on the carpet. You can treat carpet burns by washing the affected area with an antibacterial soap and cool water. Clean with antiseptic and antibacterial creams in case there’s a cut on the skin.

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