5 Places to celebrate Christmas in India

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5 Places to celebrate Christmas in India: Hello, Everyone Today am going to sharing some exciting facts on The “5 Places to celebrate Christmas in India”. Every year on 25th December billion of people celebrated Christmas on the occasion of Lord Jesus birth. If you haven’t yet made any plans for this year’s Christmas, book your tickets to one of these cities for witnessing the best that this festival can offer.

5 Places to celebrate Christmas in India

One of the most lively, merry, and thrilling festivals of goodwill, Christmas is a much awaited event all over the world. Christmas in India may not be celebrated on a grand scale, but there are some places which get into the groove of this jolly festival like no other! Check out the best places to spend your Christmas holidays in India.

Goa :

It’s not possible that Goa wouldn’t be a great place to spend your Christmas. The state of beaches, partying, and exuberance celebrates Christmas with the same enthusiasm as other festivals. Since the renowned Sunburn Festival and Supersonic also take place in December, Goa becomes a double hot spot for vacationers. Christmas parties are organized in different places in Goa and all the churches are beautifully decorated to make the festival high spirit. Famous hotels in Goa arrange beach parties on evening on the special occasion of Christmas. Celebrating Christmas in Goa brings a lot of joy with  resorts, night clubs, hotels, resto-bars and rave parties.

Mumbai :

Mumbai, the city of lights and stars, shines when Christmas comes around. Another place with a buzzing nightlife and energetic spirits, Mumbai’s street and houses are lit up with bright lights and decorations. People from all walks of life enjoy the spirit of Christmas through all hours of the day. Market areas and shopping malls are decked up and offer attractive discounts. The most famous and popular churches to attend Mass are Mount Mary Basilica in Bandra for mass at midnight and St Andrew’s Church in Bandra. The Holy Name Cathedral in Colaba has a traditional Christian mass which is broadcast live across Maharashtra. Thousands of people go down to Mumbai to have a lively time on their Christmas break.

Kerala :

Christmas celebrations in Kerala are extra special and quite distinct from those celebrated in the rest of the country. Kerala has long been a place with a strong Christian hold. It is believed that one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, Saint Thomas came to the now present day Kerala in 52 AD. St.Francis Xavier’s Church in Cochin is famous for celebrating Christmas, on 24th December mid night on words the festival celebrations starts in this church and all the streets are decorated with lights and Christmas father brings joy to the Children by giving gifts.

Shillong :

Shillong is the North Eastern part of India, all the people in this are celebrate the Lord Jesus birth anniversary with a lot of glory and praise. In this region they celebrate the Christmas by playing songs throughout the month and all the churches and houses are decorated with lights and enjoy the festival with high energy. The scenic beauty and cool ambiance of this town is broken by extensive decorations and lights all through the town.

Pondicherry :

The erstwhile French colony has some famous churches which simply become unmissable during Christmas. As the capital of French rule, Pondicherry has a sizeable population of Roman Catholics. The quiet, serene town lights up with bright decorations and the festive atmosphere of Christmas. Besides, the city is wrapped in vibrant lights and colours, while zealous celebrations are held all across the place, thanks to the Roman Catholic population.

These are some “5 Places to celebrate Christmas in India“. If you have any query and question about the article feel free to comment on the down below.

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