Advantages of working with viaENS: Portable workshop culture

Advantages of working with viaENS: portable workshop culture: Hello, Everyone Today am going to sharing some exciting facts on The “Advantages of working with viaENS: Portable workshop culture”.

viaENS provides a co-Working Ecosystem to accelerate Entrepreneurship, where People of the community can learn and further choose to work with us. During your association with viaENS you get hands on experience on live projects and the following benefits:

Benefits of working with viaENS

  • Portable Workplace Experience
  • Career Experimentation
  • Global Industry Exposure
  • Business Opportunities
  • Digital Industry Training
  • Technical Skills- Networking & Mentorship- Personal Development
  • Becoming a Professional Blogger
  • Real Time Analytics



viaENS holds a vision of empowering people to harness one of the biggest and the fastest growing Advertising and Marketing sector in the world, i e Digital Marketing. ENS is working on One of a kind platform to educate and help people to build their own Digital marketing venture as Internet Entrepreneur, thereby creating more opportunities for other people.


Elysium net solution is the company in India which is offering assisted online and offline business and branding opportunities and online business infrastructure. Its objective is to educate more and more people about the methodology of Internet Blogging.

Advertising and Marketing, and widen the reach of this emerging field which resonates with our dream of a digitally educated, connected and empowered nation.

They also educate people about how big companies like facebook, google, youtube, snap chat, Instagram, IRCTC, AMAZON, FLIPKART PAYTM, BUZZFEED, SNAPDEAL make money.

The company has been in operations since September 2014 and within this time they have conducted more than 500 FREE Digital Marketing awareness and training events/seminars in Jammu city, 500 events in Chandigarh, 4 events in Noida, 2 events in Pune and 2 events in Jaipur to spread Digital marketing awareness.

They have provided Digital marketing and offline marketing opportunities to more than 3500 people, belonging to different educational backgrounds across 20 cities of India, and offered the free consultation to more than 15,000 students across India

What is viaENS ? What are They Doing Elysium Net Solution Net Solution for Younger Generation

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