The Amazing Health Benefits Of Doing Salt Water Gargle

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Salt water gargle has been considered as an effective home remedy for ailments like cold and flu.

Every time you have a sore throat, cold or sinus infections, salt water gargle is often suggested as an effective remedy. Salt water gargle is also helpful when you are suffering from allergies and other health imbalances. They relieve such infections and prevent them from getting worse. Moreover, preparing for salt water gargle is very simple. You need only warm water and salt and it takes very less time for preparation. It has been a long time since salt water has been considered as a standard treatment for some ailments.

Why is salt water gargle effective?

There are researchers that support salt water gargle for certain mild health issues. It helps in drawing water from oral tissues by creating a salt barrier that pushes water and harmful pathogens and prevents them from getting back inside.

Salt water gargle blocks viruses and bacteria and reduces the incidence of infections in mouth and throat.

How to prepare salt water and gargle with it

Add 1/2 a tsp of salt for every 8 ounces of water. The water is most effective when it is warm.

Gargle the water at the back of the throat for as long as possible. Swish the water around the mouth and teeth after that. Spit or swallow as per your convenience.

However, during infections, it is the best spit out water. Do not consume too much of salt water as it can cause dehydration. Drinking too much salt water can also lead to calcium deficiency in the body along with high blood pressure.

Gargling for two times in a day is usually recommended. But you can gargle more times if you feel like.

Following are other medicinal benefits of salt water gargle:

  • Sore throat

Salt water gargle relieves throat pain and is also very effective for treating sore throats during cold or flu.

  • Allergies

Saltwater relives a sore throat which caused by allergic reactions other than cold or flu, like pollen or dog and cat dander.

  • Sinus and respiratory functions

Salt water gargle reduces the severity of viral and bacterial infections. According to a 2013 study on non-medical prevention methods of flu, salt water gargle is more effective for preventing re-infections than vaccinations for flu.

  • Mouth ulcers

Salt water gargle has also been considered an effective home remedy for treating mouth ulcers. They ease the pain and inflammation that these ulcers cause.

  • Dental health

Salt water gargle helps in protection of gums and is hence good for dental health. It also helps in keeping gingivitis and cavities at bay. It also brings down the number of bacteria in saliva.


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