How can I start my own Blog & make Money

How can I start my own Blog & make Money

Everyone wants to make own Blog but they don’t know “How can I start own Blog and make money Online“.  There is lot of ways to earn money online but blogging is the way Everyone Makes Money Digitally. To start the Blog & make Money Online.

How can I start my own Blog & make Money?

  • First step You need a Google account then you can starts Blog & make Money.
  • Sign in your Google account to your (Android / windows) Device.
  • Then you click on the Menus option on the ( as shown in the Picture) then you will see the many options of google. Scroll the menu then clicks on the Blogger option.
  • Then you can go on the page of blogger page, there an option to Create New Blog.

  • Click on the Create New Blog Option and then choose the Title, Address, and Theme then go to create blog.

After the Create the Blog and then You can add the contents and get the traffic of your own blog. But you can add the own contents and copyright free images to earn money online because of copyright claim.


This is the way you can Make money online on your blog. you need to create the Google Adsense Account then you can earn Money online.

After the creating an account of Google adsense, You will make money online. Then go to My Ads and go to My Sites. Add your site to the Blank Box.

After the adding your site You will get the Google Adsense code and paste into your site. then waiting for 48 Hrs. after adding the code you will get the approval email from google adsense and you can add the ads to your site.This ads shows to your own site and get the adsense revenue. You can get the adsense Pin verification code after the complete of $10 and then redeem on the $100 to the banks.

This is the Right way to start the blog and make money Online.  This article is helpful to you and everyone can starts their own blog and make Money Online.

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