3 Easy Step to Create a YouTube Channel & Earn Money

3 Easy Step to Create a YouTube Channel & Earn Money

YouTube is the way Everyone earn money online. Some of the YouTubers make Money online through YouTube. You can use a computer or the YouTube mobile site to create a new YouTube channel.

3 Easy Step to Create a YouTube Channel & Earn Money

Create a Youtube Channel

  • Create a Gmail account or Sign in to google account.

  • Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create a YouTube channel.

How to make Money via YouTube

  • Try to upload High Quality video (like HD & 4K) on YouTube and no long then 10-12 minutes.
  • Try to create Seo-friendly contents and upload it everyday.
  • Try to create your own content do not copy another content.
  • Go to My channel section then click on Video Manager.
  • On Video Manager option then go to my channel option then You can see the Monetization option and enable the monetization option.
  • Create the Google Adsense account to Monetize your channel.
  • Monetization take 48 hrs then you will see the  ($) green dollar sign on your YouTube videos.

After the Monetization, your videos have ads showing to the YouTube users and you will make money online.

if you want more view on your own views then go to the Video Manager and click on any video and maintain the tags and description option.

You can use the keywords planner to get more views on your YouTube Video.

Insert the Tags can get More views on your your YouTube Channel.

If you Reached 1,00,000 Subscriber You will get the YouTube Silver Play Button and then you Reach the 1 Million subscriber you will get the YouTube Gold Play Button and The Last One if you reached the 10 Million Subscriber You will get the YouTube Diamond Play Button.

YouTube as a Career is a good idea. and make money online. “Create the YouTube Channel” and make Money online and develop the Public figure.

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