Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know

Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know

As we Know about the Taj Mahal, These is one of the seven wonders of the world. we know that who build it and for. We know that, it’s the Pride of our Nation, India. As we are taking about the ‘Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know’. But we Don’t know about lot of things. Let starts.

Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know

Hole on the Main Hall of ceiling

According to the fact of Hole on the Main hall of ceiling is Because of It is the work of Artisans who decided to sabotage Shah Jahan’s dream to create a Masterpiece for his Wife Mumtaj.  After the know about his decision to amputate the artisan’s arms. So all Artisans to decided the Taj is not as Flawless we would like to think that.

Covered with Bamboos

In the 20th Century, During the  world war 2 India and Pakistan war the Taj Mahal was covered with Bamboos and after 9/11, It was also protected with camouflaging with a green cloth.

Precious Stone on Taj Mahal

There is Some type of stone is Very rare and Precious which are used to inlay work in Taj Mahal. There stone are formed by Nepal, Tebat, Sri Lanka and several places in India.

Taj Mahal is Taller then Qutub Minar

There unique Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know is that, Taj Mahal is taller than Qutub Minar. The Taj Mahal is 5 Feet taller than Qutub Minar.

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The Fountains Special Feature

The Taj Mahal’s Fountain feature is a unique feature. These are work all in Same time and same pressure. The pressure of the pots is maintained and so in the fountain.

Light effects of Taj Mahal

The unique Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know i.e beautiful in the illusion of the Sun set and sun rise. These beautiful moments are more beautiful in the Night.

Taj Mahal was sold as a Temple by Natwar Lal

The Taj Mahal was sold by by Natwar Lal as a Temple. The People of the Bhangar, in Bihar are sold the Taj Mahal.

So, These points are the unique “Facts about the Taj Mahal You Don’t know”. If any query and question regarding to the article, Please feel free to comment down below.


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