Greenhouse Effect & Consequences of Global warming

Greenhouse Effect & Consequences of Global warming

The radiation of the planet’s atmosphere warms the planet’s surface to a temperature and they will radiate energy and caused by the “Greenhouse Effect and Consequences of Global warming”. So we are discuss about the Greenhouse effects and causes of the Global warming.

Greenhouse Effect & Consequences of Global warming


The heating of atmosphere due to trapped radiation is called ‘Greenhouse effect’. This is because of the increase and decrease of temperature and change the climate of radiation.

Mechanism of Greenhouse Effect

Sunlight consists of the following three constituents.

  1. Ultra-violet rays
  2. Visible lights
  3. Infrared rays

Infrared rays or radiation is that part of sunlight that can increase the temperature of the object placed in the object placed in its path. 47% part of sunlight incident on the earth surface is absorbed and 53% is reflected back. the earth surface have pollutants like carbon-dioxide which do not allow the incident ray to reflect back which results the atmosphere to heat up. Other members causing green house effects are water vapour, O3, chlorofluro carbons and methane.


If increase in concentration of gases responsible for green house effect, continue the average temperature of atmosphere of atmosphere will rise up and it will increase climate change of atmosphere.

  1. There may be less rainfall in temperature zone and more rainfall in the drier zone of the world.
  2. Due to increase rate of the melting of glaciers, Would rise the sea level higher sea levels would increase the frequency and severity of floods, damage coastal areas, loss of soil replenishment.
  3. It will increase the incidence if infections diseases such as malaria, dengue, sleeping sickness and yellow fever.

If you wants to control the Global warming then we will plant a tree because these plant give’s us oxygen and take carbon dioxide these are also called Photosynthesis. these are the common reasons to control the global warming and other.

These is important to control the global warming. If you have any question or query regarding to the “Greenhouse Effect and Consequences of Global warming“, Fell free to comment on the down below.

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