Paytm CEO Paid 10k For Kerala Floods & Posted It On Twitter. Trollers Started Slamming Him

Kerala is in a really bad state now and everyone is trying their best to help the state deal with the havoc. Many celebs, sportspersons and NGOs are sending across whatever they can, so that the situation eases out a bit.

Social media is indeed a powerful tool and we are seeing loads of campaigns going on for the same. Huge sums of money are being collected and sent, so as to provide relief to the residents.

Amidst this, even the founder of Paytm Vijay Shekhar Sharma contributed his share. He took to Twitter to share the screenshot of Rs 10,000 that he had sent towards the funds.

Here’s the tweet screenshot;

However, he got slammed for the same on Twitter and he was forced to delete the tweet. People said that he’s showing off his contribution. Some said that it’s a small amount.

However, did he deserve being trolled? On Paytm’s blog, they had written that they will match total collections up to 1 crore that is collected through their Kerala flood relief donation campaign.

Paytm said that till now, they have collected , crores for the same. Check this out;

So since they have crossed 10 crores, paytm will pay 1 crore from its pocket. So, instead of criticizing , for paying just 10k, people should look at the bigger picture and contribute more towards the floods.

Some Twitter users, however, defended Sharma saying the maximum amount which could be transacted through PayTM at once is Rs 10,000.

Although the PayTM chief has drawn flak, his mobile wallet firm has collected more than Rs 3 crore in last 48 hours for the Kerala relief fund.

The civil society in the flood-ravaged state, along with the government, has appealed people from all parts of the nation to make maximum donations. Here are the details for making a donation to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund

As part of the rehabilitation programme, the state government will disburse Rs 4 lakh each to the kin of deceased, along with Rs 10 lakh to those whose houses have been washed away in the floods. Rs 3,800 per person will also be provided at the earliest to people lodged at the relief camps.

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