Things People Do In Adult Films That You Shouldn’t Copy In Your Real Life.

Most of the times what we see isn’t always something that is likely to happen. The things that we watch shouldn’t become the things we can do. A movie cast flying in the air is not a reality in real life, similarly, things in the adult film industry are also not always desirable. We must have a proper sense of what we can do from what we see.

Here are few things that you shouldn’t copy from adult films industry. Take a look!

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  • Don’t be a bad-mouth

The words we listen on the screen are never meant to be said, this one of those things that go very unnoticeably into us. Never say demeaning words to a girl when she is making up with you.

  • Until your partner is okay, refrain yourself

Retain yourself from being passionate, as it can be aggressive in real life.

  • Never, never on the face do…..

If you have a brain use it, just because you see something don’t be tempted to do it, don’t be foolish.

  • Make it exciting not punishing

Slapping on the buttocks is exciting, isn’t it? Don’t think of this as a new trend this is one of the worst feelings you can give to her. If you believe you are lucky to have her, then don’t punish her.

  • Protection is better than cure

Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, HPV, parasitic infection are not a myth they do exist in real life, so never skip out of protection.

  • Don’t make out to skip from payment

Don’t think of this as a way to save money this is a legal offense. So, whenever, you want to compensate, make sure you don’t do it by getting yourself into it.

  • Foreplay is pleasing

In real life, things don’t work directly you need to go step by step to reach the end, you can not hop on to the nasties.

  • The direct backdoor can make you an abysmal

If you are looking forward to a slap or a break-up, this one of a thing you can do to get it. Control your adrenaline rush and ask her before you do something stupid.

  •  Guests not allowed

It is nice to have guests but not when you are thinking to make out. Threesome sounds fascinating in adult films but, it should turn out to be a liaison. Never copy this in your real life.

  • Two at the same time

A big NO to all the guys who think that double penetration is what your partner might love, be sensible. It can only be in adult films and you should not copy in your real life.

These are the things you should never copy from adult films in real life. If you have any other tips, do share it in the comment section.

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