Satellite communication & How they Works

Satellite communication & How they Works

In the world, we are connect so many ways and use lots of networks. So we are discuss about the “Satellite communication & How they Works”, in case signal sent in space from the transmitter and is received by the receiver and after reflection from the satellite.



The satellite communication is a means of communication through satellite. In this case signal is sent in space from the transmitter and is received by the receiver after reflection from the satellite. It is used for the long distance communication, There are two types of satellite used for Long distance communication.

  • Active Satellite:

The satellite which carries all the equipment used for receiving wireless signals sent from the earth, processing them, and then re-transmitting them to the earth is called ‘active Satellite’. Now a days active satellite are in use.

  • Passive Satellite:

The satellite which is used only as a reflector of the signals transmitted from earth is called as passive satellite. This satellite does not carry any equipment for receiving and transmitting wireless signals. It, However needs to receive high-power transmitted signals so that it may reflect signals of suitable strength to the earth.


The transmitted signal first of all received by the equipment kept in the satellite. the transmitted signal is then amplified by the equipment & re-transmitted at a different frequency towards the receiving station on the earth. if more than two communication satellite are operating with same or close frequency bands, then to avoid the interference effects, frequency bands with proper spacing is given to each satellite. In India, satellite communication is achieved through its two communication satellites namely INSAT-2B & INSAT-2C placed.


  • Satellite communication covers much longer distances as compared to the other communication system.
  • Satellite communication can be used to established mobile communication.
  • Satellite communication is economical as compared to other communication.
  • It is most effective in remote and hilly areas such as Ladakh, H.P, etc.
  • Satellite communication is far accurate for research, rescue and navigation.


  • If the system on satellite goes out of order due to Environmental stress, it is almost impossible to repair it.
  • In satellite communication, there is a time-delay between transmission and the reception due to the extremely large communication in path length. This delay cause a time gap during which proves quite annoying. The cost of placing Geo-Synchronous satellite in the orbit is very high.

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