Smog-Harmful effects of Smog

Smog-Harmful effects of Smog

There is more pollution in everyday. Where we see the world then a short of pollution’s. Now we discuss about the Smog Pollution in every day life. “Smog-Harmful effects of Smog” there are several causes of smog to pollute the atmosphere.

Smog-Harmful effects of Smog

Smog is a combination of smoke particles with the tiny droplets of fog containing poisonous gases discharged by burning of fossil fuels.

Smoke + Fog = Smog

Harmful effect of Smog :

  • Diseases like bronchitis, asthma and heart problems are caused by smog.
  • Visibility in air is reduced that produces hindrance to air and road traffic.
  • It cause harmful effects for the growth and development of plants.
  • It causes irritation of eye, nose and throat.

Types of Smog:-

  1. Classical Smog:- It is produced by combination of sulphurdioxide and particulate matter from fuel combustion. They occurs in cool humid climate. The gases are Sulphurdioxide (So²). Particulate matter is produced by combustion of fuel. It causes bronchitis irritation.

Photo-chemical Smog:- It is produced by the action of sunlight on the nitrogen oxides and Hydrocarbons produced by automobiles and factories. They occurs in warm, dry and sunny climate. Gases are Nitrogen oxides (No²). Particulate matter is produced by the combustion of fuels in automobiles and factories.

No²(gas) —hr→ NO+O(gas)

Effects of Photochemical Smog :-

  • Peroxy acyl Nitrates (PAN) and aldehydes are Toxious.
  • Ozone causes damage to Vegetation and Plant growth.
  • Ozone is Toxic and can cause coughing, wheezing, Bronchial constriction and irritation to the bronchil mucous system.
  • PAN cause ‘bronzing’ and ‘glazing’ of leaf surface.

Control of Photochemical Smog:-

  • To prevent release of nitrogen oxides and hydro carbons.
  • Efficient catalytic converters should be used in automobiles.
  • The Compound known as free radical traps should be sprayed in the atmosphere.

These are the main factors of the Smog. and How they pollute the daily life objects and cause their health. If you have any question and query regarding to the article “Smog-Harmful effects of Smog“, Feel free to comment on down below.

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