Top 5 Chinese herb to Good Health and Home remedies

Top 5 Chinese herb to Good Health and Home remedies

Top 5 Chinese herb to Good Health and Home remedies

We are share to some facts about the Top 5 Chinese Herb to good health and Home remedies. These are the herbs are used in literally in China and used as a Remedies to good health. They are used these herbs in thousand years to remedies and treat as a medicines. These herbs are very benefit for the Modern Times. These herbs are so famous and popular but no one find in the Chinese Market. But have found their way to netropathy all across the world.

Top 5 Chinese herb to Good Health and Home remedies


Ginger is an Aromatic herb, which is used as a spice as well as its medicine property for curing in indigestion. it is treat as a Cough, asthma common cold and Nausea. It is used to stop the Dearie and also treat as a cardiac problems.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root is an essential ingredient in the Chinese medicines as well as used in thousand years. Since it has a great healing property of detoxification power which is used as a remedy to the various types of disease like asthma, cold, flu, cough, depression, heartburn etc. and it is used a harmonize all other herb that go into a formula.


Turmeric is an rhizomatous herb. Turmeric is used in Chinese Medicine for curing the healing. It has great property to heal the cut of any body part as well as treat to improve the cold, flu, cough, headache etc. These is also used in some types of vegetables.


This herb Ginseng is also Known as its aphrodisiac Quality. This is famous in all the herbs, and its known to mans and his significant healing property and health benefit. It is used in Chinese medicines as thousand of years to treat in your Hepatitis, High blood pressure and many common disease.


The Mushroom is found healthy as well as they are low calories, but high nutritional values. The china is discovered as a medicine property, which they used to maintain a good health of the humans. out of 200 spices of the mushroom are found in china . It is also to reduce insomnia and female sexual dysfunction.

These are the Top 5 Chinese herb to Good Health and Home remedies. If you have any Query and Question Please Comment down the below 🙂

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