Top 5 Foods You Need To Avoid For A Clear Skin

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We have lined up the top 5 foods you should avoid to get a clear skin. Take note of these and remember to rule them out from your list the next time you go grocery shopping.

Top 5 Foods You Need To Avoid For A Clear Skin

Admit it, each of us deals with skin problems at some point of time in our life. At teenage, it is all about hormones and is normal. What about acne after teenage? Well after you cross your teens, unwanted acne is the result of an unhealthy diet. You need not visit dermatologists and lighten your pockets by buying all those expensive gels and creams when you can get a clear and glowing skin with a healthy diet. There are certain foods you thought are healthy and should be taken regularly. Time to know what is good for your skin and what is not.

  • Cow milk

A study conducted in 2010 stated a clear association between cow milk and acne. Cow milk spikes blood sugar levels and insulin as well. Both these are the reason for increased skin oil and inflammation ultimately ending in pimples. Hormones present in cow milk encourage an overgrowth of skin cells which blocks pores. So it is suggestive to avoid cow milk for a clear skin.

  • Sugar

It is all related to your blood sugar levels. You don’t need to avoid all your favorite sweet treats. All you need to do is regulate them. Eating one chocolate chip cookie will not result in pimples but, eating lots of candy bars and flavored sodas can result in pimples.

  • White rice

White rice is a high-glycemic food. When you consume it in huge amounts, insulin level increases which trigger inflammation. Inflammation can then leave your skin prone to acne. This is when you need to switch from white rice to brown rice. Nutrients and fiber in brown are higher than white rice and the low-glycemic level is an additional benefit. If you want a clear and glowing skin at all times, switch from white rice to brown rice now.

  • Coffee

Early morning coffee is love! It’s the first thing you want every morning to get up and get going. Heads up, caffeine is the worst thing you can do to yourself every morning. What’s more, it is also the worst thing you can do to your skin. Too much caffeine can give you a dull, dry and acne-prone skin.

  • Juice

Fruit juice that you thought was very healthy is a health enemy in disguise. Juices, especially packed fruit juices, as nothing but a can or tetra pack filled with sugar. Juicing robs whole fruits of all their nutritional value. Sugar present in juices spikes blood sugar levels eventually leading to inflammation and an outburst of pimples. So for a clear skin, the juice is a big ‘no no’.

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