No Doubt: Women Are Stronger Than Men!

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No doubt many of you will have long suspected this is the case, and now you have fresh scientific findings to back up your suspicions. A recent academic study has shown that under extreme conditions such as famines, epidemics and enslavement, women are able to survive for longer than men.

Women Are Stronger Than Men!

Women, usually looked down upon as the weaker sex, are breaking all stereotypes and coming up with the stronger sex. Women are now strengthening their place in various fields. Yes, across the world, women are breaking norms and beliefs about men being the physically stronger sex. However, a new study defines the belief that men are the stronger ones. It says that stronger women are more likely to survive life-threatening situations as compared to men. For this, researchers took note of death rates of men and women who faced famine and epidemics across the world and were sold as slaves.

It was found that women were able to survive all these for a longer time as compared to men. They were able to survive for more years as compared to their male counterparts when the conditions were bad. When considering the Irish Potato Famine, it was found that male life expectancy dropped to 18.17%, however, female life expectancy dropped by 22.4%.

They were also found to survive extreme old age as compared to men. Newborn girls also survived better than boys during famines and epidemics. It was found that this change was due to hormonal differences. Females produced the hormone estrogen which is known to protect the vascular system. However, testosterone levels in men increase the risk of fatal diseases.

It was noted that women are more determined than men and do not give up easily even if the conditions become worse. Men tend to take more risks due to which their life expectancy gets affects. Men consume more tobacco and alcohol and drive less safely as compared to women, and all these factors affect their life expectancy.

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